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Pansion Kutmicevica
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Pansion Kutmicevica
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Pansion Kutmicevica description

Kutmičevica Pension promotes the historical and cultural heritage of the picturesque village of Vevčani, situated at the foot of Jablanica Mountain, 14 km away from Ohrid Lake, at the altitude of 930 meters. The ethno pansion has apartments (with 2 and 3 beds) with separate bathroom. The restaurant has 60 seats in the closed part and 20 on the terrace.

10.21 km distance from Struga main square.
exact location: Vevcani altitude: 895 meters

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Pansion Kutmicevica facilities

24 hour reception service • Internet (Wi-Fi) • Restaurant • Terrace
room facilities
Balcony • Mini Bar • TV Cable • Shower
Pets are not allowed.

Pansion Kutmicevica contact info

6335 Vevcani
+389 (0)46 798 399
+389 (0)70 249 197