Hotel-Pond Sliv   ★★   Vinica

Hotel-Pond Sliv
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Hotel-Pond Sliv
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Hotel-Pond Sliv description

Hotel-pond Sliv from Vinica is located on the road Vinica-Berovo. It has 8 rooms of which 6 with double bedroom, 2 twin rooms and 2 apartments. The hotel has a restaurant where You can taste the most delicious California trout and carp, grilled or fried. It has 180 seats and summer terrace with 260 seats.

11.31 km distance from Vinica main square.
exact location: Blatec altitude: 584 meters

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Hotel-Pond Sliv facilities

Outdoor own parking • Restaurant
room facilities
Pets are not allowed.

Hotel-Pond Sliv contact info

Berovski pat bb, 2314 Blatec
+389 (0)33 800 455
+389 (0)70 742 882