Sutaroski apartment   ★★   Ohrid

Sutaroski apartment
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Sutaroski apartment
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Sutaroski apartment description

Apartment Sutaroski is located by the Hotel Montenegrin - right across the green market, the shopping street and the old town. The apartment can acomodate 2+1+1 person on a double beds. Apartments Sutaroski are newly made in 2009, 300 meters from the lake, with a beautiful panorama of Samuels Fortress and the old parts of the city.

0.6 km distance from Ohrid main square.
exact location: altitude: 701 meters

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Sutaroski apartment facilities

room facilities
Balcony • Bath or Shower • Fully equipped kitchen • Mini fridge • TV • TV Cable
Pets are not allowed.

Sutaroski apartment contact info

Turisticka 60/14, 6000 Ohrid